Be Fair, Don't Compare

Please remember that comparisons always lead us in the wrong direction.  We pick out someone we think is better than us...and then come to the realization that we're not as good as them.  That, of course, is not rational. STOP all comparisons.  YOU are you.  You can get better.  You can change.  You can make different decisions. You can learn to be happier.  All of these positive qualities are already inside you ... in overcoming social anxiety, we just need to bring them out one by one, naturally and gently, and allow them to be used practically in real-life situations.

Social anxiety is all a "brain" thing.  What you believe about yourself today may not even be the truth.  But, if there is changing to be done, the brain is malleable, it is changeable, and it can be done.  Your neural pathways can and will literally change through cognitive behavioral therapy if you stay consistent with it.  That is how we get over social anxiety.