Distract Yourself from Negative Thoughts

Here are two distractions that will keep you away from the most difficult negative ANTs thinking:  physical exercise and singing.  Both of these distractions HAVE to work because they physiologically affect the brain and STOP the automatic negative thoughts temporarily.  You may need to get away from the ANTs for 30 minutes (by use of any distraction that works) so it has time to work and to quiet down your anxious thoughts and feelings.

I promise that if you continue to catch your ANTs and then find a distraction that works for you, and then do it, you are already making progress against automatic negative feeling/thinking.  If you do this every day, you will more quickly be in control of your own thoughts.  Many people give up too soon and do not practice, repeat, and reinforce the methods and strategies that help overcome SA.  Please keep going -- even after a setback.  You will make progress this way, and the progress you make is permanent.