Say No to Setbacks

When in the process of overcoming social anxiety, setbacks can and will happen.  It can seem like we get "stuck" or have a setback frequently, and that can become discouraging for people.  Although this is part of the process of beating social anxiety, we can also learn not to have so many and such deep setbacks.  You do have some control over them.  In fact, you have many more options -- to get out of a setback -- than you may realize.  It's just that no one has ever told you about these ways yet. 

But the options are there, and you can get to the place where you don't need to go through any "sticky points" at all.  This is actually part of the material you can learn in therapy for social anxiety.  For example, activity (being proactive) -- when you feel down -- can change your mood, your outlook, and eventually your brain.  Just getting up and getting active is one way that works to get out of a low mood.  Using other distractions, such as singing or even doing household chores, can help us focus away from our problems and move towards a more positive line of thinking.  Even though these things may seem like small steps, they add up over time as you continue to break the cycle of negative thinking.